Working as Lead Artist on this scheme has generated a variety of outcomes, the most notable being the architectural lighting programme that showcases the building. The various elements have been developed in collaboration with Helm Architects, Austin-Smith:Lord, Dodd Group and Studiotech.

Photography Steve Samosa

The colours derive from annual phases of the moon's colours, whilst the moving light plays with notion of a curtain and the "words of Shakespeare unfolding". ​​​​​​​

Original concept proposal 2018

The Piazza steps adjacent to the theatre have a series of bespoke carlow and stainless steel letters set into the endplates, which derive their design from Shakespeare's Fourth Folio Text ,a copy of which is held at nearly Knowsley Hall. Lord Derby of Knowsley was Shakespeare's benefactor. These Artworks were delivered via the specialist IPSurfaces, part of the Hardscape Group.
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