Recently installed and programmed this dramatic elevation of LiTraCon, LED lighting and natural stone has been excitedly anticipated since the first trials were seen. The light transmitting concrete has both an organic and high tech quality. Set within the entrance atrium SEAM is programmed with a series of light shows that will animate the entrance and act as a marker.

Photography Kristen McCluskie

Working as part of the Design Team with Ryder Architects, this scheme evolved out of the desire to create a work integrated into the fabric of the building. The rock face presence has its origins in the long mining history of the town, transforming a load bearing wall into mesmeric central feature within the building, stretching floor to ceiling over three storeys.

Check out the video below

Video Kristen McCluskie

Being a load-bearing wall the interfaces between the varying materials had to be carefully engineered to enable access for maintenance. Close working with Stage Electrics enabled a multitude of varying programmes to be uploaded to the Pharos controller, individually addressing thousands of node LEDs. 
Behind the LiTraCon are strings of Philips LMX RGB nodes
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